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How to choose and buy the plasma power of nc plasma cutting machine

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Plasma power supply as the continent xiang CNC plasma cutting machine is a very important inside configuration, has always been customer care center, so, how to choose and buy CNC plasma cutting machine, plasma power supply?
The following points should be noted:
1. Plasma cutting power supply is divided into machine with plasma power and armed with plasma power two kinds, usually using CNC plasma cutting machine is a machine with plasma power supply, the second stop choosing in the arc starting way, plasma power have contact and non-contact ignition (button) arcs two kinds. For the application of nc cutter, non - contact arc starting method should be selected. To determine which kind of arc starting mode of plasma power supply, you only need to see whether there are buttons on the attached hand cutting torch. Normal plasma power supply with current greater than 100A is non-contact arc starting mode. Other current is larger than 100 a plasma power supply common belong to machine with plasma cutting power supply, because of its one of the most important reason is larger than 100 a current power radiation is larger, the operator of the burning match.
2. We also need according to stay cutting plate thickness size to choose plasma power supply current, power of the plasma cutting power supply price is different also, the greater the power consumption and the higher the price, this also is thinking from the aspects of capital.
3. Select the type of plasma power supply and the consumer manufacturer for cutting section quality request. Plasma cutting, because the top of the nozzle is large, the bottom is small, the section of the incision is always inclined to a certain degree, it is impossible to be as vertical as the flame cutting, which is a worldwide problem. Ordinary plasma, slope up to 15 degrees. Plasma power supply, according to the cutting section vertical degree, cutting accuracy, divided into ordinary plasma, precision plasma, class laser plasma. At the same time, the prices vary considerably.
4. The plasma power supply has inverter type and SCR type, the former is light weight.
5. Plasma power supply, which can be used for manual cutting, can also be used for supporting CNC cutting machine. In order to complete its cutting torch in the CNC cutting machine jacket clip, when purchasing should request to be equipped with CNC cutting torch with straight handle.
6. The length of the plasma cable should be considered to consider the distance between the cutting torch and the plasma power supply within a wide range during the cutting process. However, the length of the cable will reduce its arc piercing and cutting ability.