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What matters needing attention in operation of electric welding roller stand

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The electric welding rollers can control the rise and fall according to the direction of the movement, so the electric rollers must master relevant matters of attention during the operation. What specific contents are included?
First, electric roller frame operation way, the operator must be familiar with the basic structure and performance of the machine, only in this way can be a reasonable choice, the applicable scope of the electric roller frame can effectively control the operation and maintenance, and electrical safety knowledge.
Then, electric welding roller frame motor starts up, need to close the poles switch control box, effective processing power, and then according to the requirements of welds to press the "forward" and "upside-down" button, and, of course, need to stop just press the "stop" button, the appropriate adjust according to the circumstance!
Moreover, every time you adjust the rollers, it is best to do so when the machine is stationary, which is particularly important and critical!
Second, when starting the electric welding rollers, the speed needs to be adjusted to the low speed, which is to reduce the starting power and adjust to the required speed according to the operation requirements.