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oil separator

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oil separator

oil separator
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1 this product is a special equipment for separating the oil from the refrigerant in the refrigeration system, which has excellent separation effect, small size and convenient installation.

2 the shell of this product is made of special pressure vessel steel plate, which is used to take over the purple copper tube, and the inner device has high efficiency filtration and separation device, which can increase the effect of oil separation.

3. The products in the manufacturing process of shell and copper takeover by pickling and passivation treatment, the final seal welding by TIG welding, manual welding cover surface process and ensure internal has a high degree of cleanliness.

4. The product scope wide, suitable for all kinds Freon medium of refrigeration system, in use by the customer consistent high praise.

5 this product is designed and manufactured according to GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel and compliance", and the product is safe and reliable.

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