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Ground source heat pump water cooled screw unit

Ground source heat pump water cooled screw unit

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Ground source heat pump water cooled screw unit

Ground source heat pump water co
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Refrigeration compressor using well-known manufacturers of semi closed double screw compressor, no leakage, low noise, stable operation, long service life.
Unit two with pressure vessel inspection certificate or China Classification Society "CCS" certification.
Large screen color LCD touch screen, display comprehensive, powerful.
Two units of tube plate with square tube plate and directly welded to the chassis of the unit, eliminating the need for two bracket, and the shape is more exquisite and beautiful and strong, and future maintenance simple.
The unit is complete, can according to the user in different environment to carry on the material selection, causes the unit to use the life to be longer.
Such as: in the acidic environment, the use of stainless steel evaporator, plastic evaporator, stainless steel condenser or titanium condenser. When the ship, the sea or the brine is used, the seawater evaporator, the plastic shell evaporator, the seawater condenser or the titanium condenser are used.


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