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Single set screw unit

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Single set screw unit

Single set screw unit
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This product is a screw unit with evaporator, condenser, compact combination, due to the use of square tube plate makes the combination cabinet, beautiful appearance, easy installation, small floor area, saving pipeline, high heat transfer efficiency.
Tube plate with special pressure vessel plate, evaporator heat transfer tube with TurboJ type II, heat exchanger tubes, rifled tubes, tube wave, optimization design, the heat exchange efficiency is light tube 1.5-3 times, condenser heat transfer tube with TurboJ type III, heat exchanger tubes, tube external thread, tube fillet, greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient of the condenser.
In the manufacturing process, to take effective measures to ensure that the product has a high degree of cleanliness, the shell after the pickling phosphating processing, to maintain long-term corrosion resistance.
Adapt to a wide range of central air conditioning system in a wide range of applications, favored by the majority of customers.
Products according to the "JB/T4750-2003" of the "cooling device" and GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel" design and manufacture, product performance and safety and reliability.

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